Transparent LED Screen


Transparent LED screen / Transparent LED sign

Transparent LED screen is amazing see-through technology.  It allows to advertising messages and video running without blocking any window view.  This is programmable LED sign & perfect LED sign for Windows.

This is best alternate of normal LED screen. Transparent LED screen is excellent option for those who want to display their advertising content without blocking  view of glass windows. This Transparent LED screen is available with different pixel pitch. Its can controlled by wifi controller or any video processor for live shows. This Transparent LED screen also can be use in any public gathering and some shows with amazing impact result. It feel like holographic impact on people mind. It can used for displaying any messages, videos and some special effects in shows to attract people

Transparent LED screen is latest technology for advertising different contents of businesses. This transparent screen opens up new creative options that were not possible with LCD screens and other LED screens.


Transparent LED screen

Transparent LED screen

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